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Social research

As a pioneer social research centre in Azerbaijan, we are passionate about social research
sector and it is our mission to boost the quality of social research in Azerbaijan.

Tracking Studies

We will enable you to gauge market progression, understand perceptions of your brand, anticipate change in consumer demand or behaviour, and spot key trends as they emerge to successfully evaluate in-market success by means of tracking studies.

Usage & Attitude Studies

Qafqaz Research Centre conducts Usage & Attitude Studies which aims to 'understand a market' and identify growth opportunities by answering questions on whom to target, with what and how.

Consumer Research

At Qafqaz Research centre, we have been helping companies in Azerbaijan by uncovering the needs of a prospective target market, testing opinions, attitudes, usage and behaviors. Our clients ask for this solution to gain insight into the competition or new opportunities.

Corporate Image Research

Almost for three decades we have been conducting Corporate Image studies for our clients in Azerbaijan to determine how non-employees view a company's policies, practices, values and image.

Customer Satisfaction Studies

Customer satisfaction research allows the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of a company as perceived by customers, as well as the definition of the areas most highly valued by customers. Moreover, it allows a focus on improving the quality of services/products, expanding the product mix and tailoring the products to customers’ expectations.

Demographic Research

At Qafqaz Research centre we explore the key demographic trends in Azerbaijan and Georgia. From studies of the aging of the population, to reports on the links between income and education levels, demographers and other analysts at the center play a key role in using data to answer important questions about society.

Employee Research

We partner with wide range of companies across all sectors, enabling them to listen to their people in order to create high levels of engagement, ensuring they can perform at their best and realise their full potential.

Ethnographic Research

Ethnographic studies are a good way to really understand our client`s users and the challenges they may face while going about their everyday lives. We offer this solution to our clients due to the fact that by means of ethnographic research, we can help to identify and analyse unexpected issues.

Advertising & Marketing effectiveness

This particular solution Marketing Effectiveness enables you to measure how well your marketing communications break through the noise, engage the target audience, drive activity.

When our clients ask for our Advertising effectiveness solution, we work alongside their creative agency to guide input into the campaign itself, or at the back end to understand how effective their campaign was.

Advertising Research – General

Advertising Tracking

Copy Testing

Media attribution & modelling

ROI modelling

Another solution type

Concept development & Strategy

We always advice our clients to test their concept product prototypes before spending huge amounts in R&D and marketing for their products that they plan to launch in Azerbaijan and Georgia. Concept testing helps to efficiently test product prototypes with consumers early on. With that level of confidence, you can invest in your biggest and best initiatives.

Concept / Positioning Development

Concept testing

Media Research Specialities

This helps to understand consumers what television programs they watch, radio they listen and magazines they read.

Media Research – General

Audience Research

Media Attribution / ROI

Outdoor Media Research

Public Opinion / Political

Qafqaz Research centre has an extensive experience in Election Polls such as Exit Poll.

Opinion Polling
Political Polling
Public Opinion Research

Retail research

We are the pioneer research centre to offer Retail Research in Azerbaijan as one of our research solutions.

Controlled Store Tests

Price & Promotion

Exit Interviews

Sales Tracking

Mystery Shopping

Shopper Insights

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