Make better strategic decisions in Azerbaijan with Market entry research.

Over the past years, Qafqaz Research Centre has helped organisations including foreign investors, international financial institutions, non-governmental organisations to make better strategic decisions in Azerbaijan.

Qafqaz Research Centre has in-house market entry services team which provide market related strategic advisory support to help identify opportunities and manage risk.

There are many opportunities in Azerbaijan for new investors but there are also unknown risks which is possible to avoid by means of market entry analysis.

Quality Over Quantity

Business development adviseĀ for your business.

We can be your local partner and advise you on the development of your business and marketing strategy in Azerbaijan. We can help you to:


Understand the market

Understand the Azerbaijani market potential for your service or product


Perform market analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses


Build the right market entry strategy


Identify growth opportunities for your business

External factors

Identify external factors affecting the industry


Know the key competitors to your business.

Market Entry and Expansion in Azerbaijan

Desk Research

Market Analysis

Feasibility Studies

Business Plans

Strategic Marketing Plans

Our true passion city

Why invest in Azerbaijan?

  • Azerbaijan lies at the heart of the international transport corridor between Europe and Asia
  • The country enjoys favored trade status under an EU Partnership and Cooperation Agreement
  • Azerbaijan has substantial hydrocarbon reserves
  • The country has significant agricultural potential due to its fertile climate
  • Azerbaijan is growing a highly educated and skilled workforce

Extensive experience in following sectors

  • Agriculture
  • Trade& Logistics
  • Retail Trade
  • Tourism& Hospitality
  • Energy& Water
  • Finance
  • Real Estate

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