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A leading company in sociological and market research in Azerbaijan.

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Market research company

The first established social and market research company since 1991

Since 1991 QAFQAZ Research Company is the only sociological and market research company in Azerbaijan, which is a member of EMRA (Euro-Asian Marketing Research Association) incorporating the leading independent research companies.

We are also a member of ESOMAR (The European Society For Opinion and Marketing Research).

Our Company Values

Creator of quality researches and thinker of fresh ideas.

Our team consists of experienced, client oriented and highly professional market researchers. Our possibilities embrace quite a number of advanced solutions in the area of qualitative and quantitative research. Great experience, deep expertise, in combination with excellent knowledge of local market allow our team to give competent recommendations to our clients.

Our solutions

Timeline Heritage

  • Founded

    In 1991, Qafqaz Research was founded as the centre for Sociological Research within Baku Institute of Social Management and Political Studies.

  • New research contracts

    Since 1994, research studies were conducted under contracts with United Nations, World Bank, International Red Cross, Open Media Research Institute, as well as with international and regional NGO`s like “Medicins Sans Frontieres”, companies such as Montgomery Watson and others.


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  • Rebranding

    In February 1998, the Centre for Sociological and Marketing Research was rebranded and registered as an independent Centre “Qafqaz”

    , Rebranding, Qafqaz Research

    , Rebranding, Qafqaz Research , Rebranding, Qafqaz Research


We make marketing research and sociological research simple enough to share your ideas with target audiences.

We can be your local partner and advise you on the development of your business and marketing strategy in Azerbaijan.

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